Dear Dr. Witt and the team, I wish you and your families a healthy and prosperous 2017!

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the incredible work that Dr. Witte and his team do everyday by helping patients and their families to get back to normal life. This is a place where a team of high caliber professionals works in close coordination to ensure efficient process from diagnostics to post operation treatment.
I spent several months unsuccessfully trying to clarify my diagnosis in different clinics before I reached out to European Prostate Center. As an important diagnostic step, I had a fusion biopsy at Prostate Center that revealed prostate cancer in less than 2 days. I was given a very detailed description of biopsy results and recommendations on further steps. The biopsy was seamless and I left the hospital on the following day.
My special thanks goes to Dr. Zinke and Dr. Sarychev for a biopsy, high precision, and quick diagnostics. Thank you very much for spending your time thoroughly answering all my questions and providing me with a lot of information.
Based on biopsy results I was recommended to undergo DaVinci prostatectomy. I had no hesitation about my decision to do it at Prostate Center Europe. Six weeks after a biopsy, I had a prostatectomy performed by Dr. Witt. On the following day after the operation I walked slowly but surely in the hall of the hospital and in about a week I flew back home.
Many thanks goes to Dr. Witt for his commitment to the highest standards in the profession. Thank you for building such a unique place where patients feel confident being in the right hands.
Finally, I would like to thank coordinators, Natalia and Katerina, for making my stay at Gronau smooth and enjoyable. My thanks also goes to the nurse team, Violeta and Elena. Thank you for your care and support!
I highly recommend European Prostate Center. Remember time is not on our side. Please spend it wisely and take care of yourself. Thank you, Vyacheslav

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